Engineer the PROCESS

This week’s Issue | 03/06/2019

Here we are at the beginning of June and I feel like I cannot put away my snow suit just yet. 

Many years ago Mariela created a simulation to train folks about the basics of 5S and when my Sensei came to our house and we explained the workings of the simulation in excited tones … with his dead pan look he asked “why are you developing such an intense training module for something that is common sense?” 

I now find myself in the same frame of mind about A3’s … I grew up using this methodology but now people publish papers and facilitate extensive workshop about the methodology … but in the end it is pretty basic which hopefully this week’s newsletter will explain and save you some significant dollars. 

Hey some of you like to travel while others like to stay close to home … but how would you like a part of you ravel to Mars?   Well if you add your name to the roster you can travel to Mars in 2020 even if t is just your name which of course is unique to you …  

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