FEMA = Failure Mode Effect Analysis

This week’s Issue | 23/07/2012

Just completed week 2 of the Extreme Plant Makeover exercise and the amazing progress continues.  A lot of folks told me that I needed to go home for a rest .. which after 4 straight weeks is probably due … but more important the organization needs some soak time to absorb change before adopting more.  In summary here is what the organization accomplished this week;


Eliminated the Supervisor’s office and gave them a work station in the center of the plant .. here the supervisor’s are working supervisors and the office was just a place to hide and collect junk. We eliminated 8 X 45 gallon drums of stuff to the garbage and opened up 6 spots for office and administrative personnel.


Simplified or eliminated much paperwork and approval requirements.  Worked with QA to integrate them as part of the operations team conduct validation exercises while the process is running instead of trying to inspect quality in after the effect … this will probably save about 2-3 hours of supervisor time per week … giving them more time to coach and mentor employees.


Introduced a colour coding system for warehouse storage so we can insure good rotation and disposition of inventory.


Requirement of an incident report for all casual absents including an interview with the HR manager before returning to work.  For the more chronic abusers employ the use of a “moving bush” to validate absence.


Continued to “Sort” and opened up a ton of space while still catching up on our sanitation backlog. Beginning the week of July 30th we will introduce a site map and sustaining 5S visual indicators plus phase 1 of a KANBAN system.


Most exciting, is the opportunity to capture a significant chunk of business.  Most important is that once accepted, failure will not be an option … so it was interesting to watch the reaction when we suggested the employment of FEMA Methodology … so this week’s newsletter is a quick overview about this powerful methodology especially when combined with EVSM to conduct the process mapping element of creating your FEMA.


Plus … week 2 of no employee required overtime!

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