This week’s Issue | 20/04/2020

JUMP TO SOLUTION !!!  This is the normal human solution when impacted by an unscheduled “Disturbance to Flow” which definitely Covid-19 has created on many businesses.  This has resulted in many changed processes to prevent the spread of the virus … but at what cost?  Making decisions based on “Brain Storming” using skill and experience can provide a solution but not necessarily the most cost effective.  I have witnessed personally the effect of Continuous Improvement in our current retail environment … the initially reaction was to dramatically increase clean and Sanitization (our planes are actually now clean inside) but as some implemented “cough shields” they have slowly migrated across several other retail locations.

Although it is not part of your brain’s muscle memory before jumping to solution pause and use a formal methodology to plan your process change before implementation which will most likely be both expensive and subject to ongoing adjustment.  Typically I would suggest doing an EVSM (Enterprise Value Stream Map) but perhaps a team activity creating a “Fish-Bone” diagram will confirm your thoughts or add new ideas.  This week we review the use of an Ishikawa diagram.

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