This week’s Issue | 27/01/2020

Fortunately the Resident Love Goddess and I get to travel extensively and interact with a lot of different organizations.  The most common discussion for the past year has been regarding people … how to find them, how to hire them and then retain them.  In nearly all of the areas we travel the common theme is that people availability is in very short supply … no we are not talking about skilled resources (which are always in short supply) but just regular labour … with many organizations turning to importing foreign talent … so imagine my surprise that on another HR blog I follow is that the most popular articles last year was how jettison people cost effectively … so really makes you wonder about recruiting strategies.  I tend to concur that almost at all levels within the organization the cost to hire is at least 30% of the first year remuneration or even north of 100K in many instances … so how is your recruitment strategy and current turnover?  Explore some thoughts in our newsletter …

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