Innovate or Die — Why Lean Initiatives Fail

This week’s Issue | 12/10/2020

The primary purpose of our weekly newsletter is to stimulate “Thought Starters” in you our reader’s minds.  It may not be anything new or even mind shattering but perhaps a humble reminder of a practice, methodology or tool that has slipped your mind.  But your author also requires stimulus to find an item to share with you every week.  So fortunately Phil Ledbetter wrote an article that resonated with me but at the same time that he presented some valid arguments on why Lean Initiatives fail .. I do not think he went deep enough … so this week the newsletter is a mash of his and my thoughts on the subject …

But wait !!!  I am certain that a new version of Lean is being birthed somewhere as a result of businesses attempting to thwart the impact of Covid on their businesses.  So don’t be surprised to learn in the near future of a new Lean Version birthed from within the hospitality sector.

Enjoy …

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