INVENTORY Replenishment

This week’s Issue | 09/03/2020

If you observe really successful organizations you will quickly realize that critical to their success is how they manage material movement internally and through their Supply Chains.  My uncle used to constantly remind me that he was managing a logistics company that just happened to have a grocery store as the destination!!


Look at Ford who mastered the assembly line to minimize movement of WIP … McDonalds who have worked hard to reduce motion to provide that Fat Food experience the 15 second rule at Tim Hortons and even Wal-Mart who are now utilizing their big-box stores as regional distribution centers to provide 2 hour delivery from order acceptance … so why is material movement still typically ignored by others?  This week we explore different strategies that could be used for replenishment …


Of course do nit ignore administrative functions … in the west we love our offices and cubicles … but these create Technology Silos which ultimately create “Move and Que” process flow which just slow the process …


Once you determine your Material Management methodology then the other Lean Methodologies will start to make more sense ….


clip image001 INVENTORY Replenishment


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