Being a LEADER in Uncertain Times? — We are standing beside you

This week’s Issue | 23/03/2020

Imagine an Undertaker concerned about headcount …

The Resident Love Goddess and I purchase our eggs from a local farmer who by day is an Undertaker.  Yesterday he conveyed his concern about being able to retain his employees … the Covid 19 virus is impacting everything …. He knows that his business is going to increase (unfortunately) but due to crowd control requirements, loved ones will need to be cremated and memorial services scheduled for a later date  … so far memorial bereavement for 25 families are currently on hold.


If you need help … we are here !!!   Take advantage of our digital printing capabilities or we are willing to help those who are converting existing processes to provide products that are in current need.  We are ready to help design, balance or even staff your initiative.   We also have a library of safety Stations, Handwashing Instructions, Sanitation Stations all complete with instructions …


I have no idea what is going to become the new normal?  But everyone will ultimately be changing processes … currently being done without cost or efficiency in mind but that will change as we stabilize … and here is where we can really help.  Crisis can breed innovation … but ultimately the innovation needs to be “Value” as defined what our customers are willing to pay for.


Your journey is our journey and we are ready to travel together …

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