Lean is a Conveyor Belt

This week’s Issue | 18/02/2019

Hope that all of you spoiled your significant other for Valentine’s day.  I decided to take the Resident Love Goddess out for lunch and a long walk on the beach even though it was in the negative temperatures and snowing … her warmth made for a good walk.

Many folks adopt Lean Methodologies incorrectly by implementing solutions first before defining what should be the purpose.  This week we want you to look at everyone of your processes as being done on a conveyor belt and then how can you improve it.   I implore you to look at those office processes where typically we find the most inefficiencies.  To get you started this video although funny is likely happening within your operations.

 I always was a fan of Super Dave and times when people followed instructions perfectly it could result in some negative results.  Hence we really need our people’s intuition to insure nothing bad will happen.

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