Lean or just Common Sense?

This week’s Issue | 02/12/2019

Let us not get confused … many, many companies embark on process improvements which they then define as an implementation of Lean.  Wake-up in most cases they are not Lean but just simple common business sense.  But whether Lean or Common Sense their also exists a major allergic condition by most leaders to avoid improvements.  Blaming that the solution may be too complex, too simple, too expensive, too simplistic or no resources … so they continue to wallow and struggle attempting to get their 100 tons of coal out every day.

As the Resident Love Goddess and I travel we also seem to spend time to identify “process” and then define if it has been optimized and we are often shocked by how people (being naturally lazy) find ways to make a broken process still work.  Since the leaders are not emotionally attached they seldom “Stop!” … “Observe” and ADJUST.

This week we look at whether you need to apply Lean Methodologies or just apply Common Business Sense ….

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