Merry Christmas !!! 2019

This week’s Issue | 23/12/2019

T ’is the time of year for the Resident Love Goddess and I too wish you a wonderful Christmas and a fabulous entry to 2020 !!!  We hope that Santa will be kind to both you and your family this year by bringing smiles to your face.  If you are not quite sure if you made to the nice list and may be a bit concerned is Santa will find you, then be like us and turn on the Santa Tracker to monitor his progress with this link … if that is not enough you can even e-mail or telephone in your requests …

Many wonder where the term Resident Love Goddess originated … my confession is that it is borrowed from a Columnist that used to write for the Hamilton Spectator and later a daily humor column for the Toronto Star.  His articles were typically a reflection of a daily encounter and many time involved his family.  Gary Lautens daily column was a great reprieve from the regular daily news.  I have reprinted one of his columns in this week’s newsletter as a reminder … but hopefully give you some life pointers that should be remembered at this time of year … so enjoy !!!



This will be our only sales/marketing pitch since the sole purpose of the newsletter is to provide our readers ‘Thought Starters” for improvement or share strategies you may have not considered … but it can never replace opportunities identified through first-hand experiences.   As a result after the Resident Love Goddess reviewed our schedule going into 2020 we are able to offer a few days of 2 for 1 … where you pay for one facilitator and we provide both of us to help accelerate or implement a game changing initiative … or if you pay our travel expenses as incurred we will come in to assess your operation and processes for opportunity (limited to 1 day).  But you have to contact us ….

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