This week’s Issue | 21/12/2020

CONGRATULATIONS !!!  if you are reading this … well, you have survived and navigated around the obstacles of 2019 which I am sure that in some cases were major and others .. just a nuisance but you are here.  That is awesome and …

We hope that during the past year our weekly newsletter inspired some thought starters and perhaps some excellent discussions between you and others within your organization and hopefully made your organization a better place to be.  We truly are inspired by passion to publish and share our inspirations with you and hope that you can become a better practitioner.  And maybe we can personally connect and work together in 2020 to become the best you can be.

Most important … MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR while you read our “To Do’ list in the newsletter along with a reprinted article from a favorite former author of a local newspaper.


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