Output … What is your role and accountability

This week’s Issue | 04/10/2020

We have been re-visiting some old published newsletters as we devote our “Gift of Time” towards the completion of our renovations but the topics still remain relevant during these turbulent times of Covid.

Th foundation of  a process can be sustained through the use of “Standard Work” and “TPM” but as the situation is constantly changing there is also a group that is devoted to constantly enhancing and improving the process.   These changes need to be updated within Standard Work and your TPM is insure consistency prevails. Those that execute the process must stay true to the designed process while those who are engineering changes be allowed to experiment and tinker.   But all changes must be linked back to critical Key Performance Indicators to insure improvement and sustainability is accomplished …  Hence what is your role?  Let us review role definition in this week’s newsletter …

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