Past Issues

Year 2011

03/01/2011 You won a PRIZE spend and share wisely!

10/01/2011 17 Facts About China That Will Blow Your Mind

17/01/2011 STRATEGIC plan to individual ACTION

24/01/2011 STRATEGIC plan to individual ACTION 2

31/01/2011 Hire for ATTITUDE and train for APTITUDE


07/02/2011 PROGRESSION Planning and Managing CHANGE

14/02/2011 Are you using the power of TAKT TIME?

21/02/2011 LEAN Customer

28/02/2011 “UP” – What does it really mean?


07/03/2011 “VISION” of VISUAL workplace

14/03/2011 The new economy technology eliminates work & workers

21/03/2011 Developing a lean culture

28/03/2011 5 Steps to Implementing a Lean Material Handling System


04/04/2011 SKU management

11/04/2011 Create a Lean, Mean Machine





09/05/2011 LEAN & CLEAN





06/06/2011 Designing the “RUBBER” Production Environment

13/06/2011 YIELD

20/06/2011 Orator, Visual or Touch Communications ?

27/06/2011 The “Forever” Rule–an attribute of Product Realization


04/07/2011 Trust in your Supply Chain or measure for results



24/07/2011 Visitors are your best Auditors

31/07/2011 People are Important


08/08/2011 5 Minute 5S+1

15/08/2011 Managing People, your most valuable resource

29/08/2011 Lean Value Stream … Have you truly defined your value stream?


06/09/2011 Developing a LEAN culture

12/09/2011 DMAIC OR DMEDI?

19/09/2011 Reminders for your EXCELLENCE journey

26/09/2011 A Painless Look at Using Statistical Techniques to Find the Root Cause of a Problem


03/10/2011 Another Perspective look at Lean

10/10/2011 Manage your Inputs to control your costs

17/10/2011 Lean versus Profitable Throughput

24/10/2011 Plan For Every Part


07/11/2011 The 13 Characteristics of Successful People

Year 2010

04/01/2010 Slow Down … Go Faster

11/01/2010 Bored by Lean

18/01/2010 SWOT

25/01/2010 Social networking

01/02/2010 More than lean operations

08/02/2010 Values build culture

15/02/2010 The case for backshoring

22/02/2010 Looking for the next evolution of lean? Look back.

01/03/2010 Looking for the next evolution of lean? TOC -DBR

08/03/2010 Tools for innovation and breaking intellectual inertia TRIZ

15/03/2010 Lean Deployment Observation Sheet – Quick Lean Audit

22/03/2010 Forming –Storming –Norming–Performing

29/03/2010 Leveraging your Maintenance Team?

05/04/2010 Making Cells work for You!

12/04/2010 Some thoughts on…ISHEKAWA Charts

19/04/2010 Six Basic Problems with Business Performance Metrics

26/04/2010 Steven Tyler Laid Off From AerosmithAs Band’s Jobless Rate Hits 20%

03/05/2010 Jidoka [Line Stoppage Variation]

10/05/2010 Focus on Lean The Art of Sustaining Lean Performance

17/05/2010 Capacity Staffing Plan or …Why Do LEAN in meager times?

24/05/2010 Conduct an AssessmentMeasure the pulse of your journey

31/05/2010 Lean Value StreamHave you truly defined your value stream?

07/06/2010 VisionIt is not just for the big guys!

14/06/2010 Code of ConductArticulating your values

21/06/2010 BULL WIP the effect in your supply chain

28/06/2010 10 Common Misconceptions About Lean

05/07/2010 Trust in your Supply Chainor measure for results

12/07/2010 Manufacturing Myths

19/07/2010 Deming’s PDCA and Value Stream Mapping

26/07/2010 The Right Process Will Produce the Right Results

02/08/2010 Updating Your Value Stream Maps !!

09/08/2010 Selling Change

16/08/2010 From Supply Chain to Value Chain

23/08/2010 Customer Loyalty

06/09/2010 Customer Loyalty

13/09/2010 Lean Journey

20/09/2010 John Kotter’ 8 Step Change model

27/09/2010 Pokayoke [Mistake Proofing]

04/10/2010 Team Alignment

11/10/2010 Good Enough Never Is [Or is it?]

18/10/2010 Value Stream Mapping

01/11/2010 Compression Thinking

08/11/2010 The White Board Marker or Learning Through Writing!

15/11/2010 The Observation Sheet Or Learning By Looking!

22/11/2010 10 Secrets To Improving Your Speaking Skills

29/11/2010 JESSENKEN

06/12/2010 Stories for Continuous Improvement & Leadership

13/12/2010 Improving SAFETY

20/12/2010 Merry Christmas

Year 2009

05/01/2009 People are Important

12/01/2009 Challenges for 2009 ?

19/01/2009 How To Manage Your Business in a Recession

25/01/2009 Pessimist or Opportunistic?

02/02/2009 January Indicators

09/02/2009 How to THRIVE instead of survive

16/02/2009 Casual Glance? or Do you Look and See and Observe?

23/02/2009 Material Velocity & Conveyance, the test of Lean

02/03/2009 Not Lean … but shows Leadership

09/03/2009 Strategic Importance of Forecasting

16/03/2009 SKU Management

23/03/2009 Adaptability…..The Non-Negotiable Competency

30/03/2009 WAL MART – The Lean Enforcer

06/04/2009 Velocity the Genesis of LEAN

13/04/2009 Getting Lean “Right”:10 points to consider before embarking on your lean transformation

20/04/2009 The Three Ps of Lean Action

27/04/2009 Six Basic Problems with Business Performance Metrics

04/05/2009 Designing the “RUBBER” Production Environment

11/05/2009 No Counting !!

18/05/2009 Water Spiders

25/05/2009 Respect for People or …Distributed Accountability?

01/06/2009 Re-Purpose Before You Re-StructureA recent note from James Womach

08/06/2009 Connecting Across the Generations in the Workplace

14/06/2009 Once again, 5S+1 is not about just about creating a clean and organized environment

21/06/2009 Next Generation Manufacturing Study

28/06/2009 Growth midst recession scarcity & abundance

06/07/2009 Visitors are your best Auditors

13/07/2009 Developing a lean changeover program

20/07/2009 Summer “Lean” reading

27/07/2009 Perception

03/08/2009 5 Minute 5S+1

10/08/2009 Hosting Better Meetings

17/08/2009 Capacity Staffing Plan or …Why Do LEAN in meager times?

24/08/2009 Hirano’s Eight Conditions for Flow

31/08/2009 How do you treat your orders?

07/09/2009 PokaYoke (Mistake Proofing)

14/09/2009 Put Your Mission and Values To Work-to Produce Alignment

28/09/2009 The Birthday Club-a cool tool to manage rumours-

05/10/2009 The Mind of a Lean Manager-a recent note from James Womack -

12/10/2009 The Beauty of a Well Executed Plan

19/10/2009 The Roots of Lean Manufacturing

26/10/2009 Kaizen Notes borrowed from Norm Bodeck

01/11/2009 Dreyfus Model

09/11/2009 Kaizen Patterns

16/11/2009 What is your Employee Retention Plan?

23/11/2009 DMEDI or DMAIC? That is the Question

30/11/2009 Changeover Costs. Do you really understand the impact?

07/12/2009 Stories for Continuous Improvement & Leadership

14/12/2009 Respect for People Beware the foxes…

21/12/2009 Do Good Anyway

Year 2008
02/01/2008 Employees or owners?

07/01/2008 Supply chain management

14/01/2008 Lean Customer

21/01/2008 An industry died this week and you probably did not even notice

28/01/2008 Where to do lean

04/02/2008 Succession planning and managing change

11/02/2008 Are you using the power of Takt Time?

18/02/2008 Design for assembly

25/02/2008 Jumping to solution

03/03/2008 Chaku Chaku

10/03/2008 Futurists and futures forecasts

17/03/2008 Best Lean Indicators

24/03/2008 It’s time for Sales, Marketing to get lean

31/03/2008 Kanban’s everywhere

07/04/2008 2008 Consortium ShareShowcase

14/04/2008 Unscrambling supply chains

21/04/2008 Lean & Clean

28/04/2008 Leveraging your Maintenance team?

05/05/2008 The art of sustaining lean performance

12/05/2008 Left or right brain dominance

19/05/2008 Maintenance area audit – a great lean measurement

25/05/2008 Why Throughput Accounting

02/06/2008 Orator, Visual or Touch Communications?

09/06/2008 Yield

16/06/2008 Nice Car, Long Journey

23/06/2008 5S+1 “SHINE” Saves $$

30/06/2008 Process Problem Solving

07/07/2008 Keeping employees engaged

14/07/2008 The “Forever” Rule – an attribute of Product Realization -

21/07/2008 Ten Reasons Why One Piece Flow Will Not Work

04/08/2008 Managing Customer Demand

11/08/2008 Cadence in Process

18/08/2008 Nothing Adds Value to Lean Like Respect for People

25/08/2008 Another Perspective look at Lean

02/09/2008 Poka yoke (Mistake Proofing)

08/09/2008 What to do in case of stalling

15/09/2008 Two Paths to Quick Changeover

22/09/2008 Manage the Contract or Improve the Value Stream

29/09/2008 Tips on making the most of government incentive programs for R&D

06/10/2008 A New Profile of the 21st Century Workforce

13/10/2008 Manage your Inputs to control your costs

20/10/2008 “Suck don’t Blow” – Compressed air costs cash

27/10/2008 LEAN in Recessionary Times

03/11/2008 Saishunkan Cosmetics – Customer Care Trumps a Factory

10/11/2008 A Recession Action Plan

17/11/2008 The 13 Characteristics of Successful People

24/11/2008 Training Within Industry

01/12/2008 Lean Consortium

08/12/2008 Training Within Industry What Is Training Within Industry? –Description

15/12/2008 Stress, Business & Safety

22/12/2008 Merry Christmas

Year 2007
02/01/2007 What I’ve learned about planning and execution

08/01/2007 5S+1… more than labels and shadow boxes

15/01/2007 10 Tech concepts you need to know for 2007

22/01/2007 Visible preventive maintenance or TPM checksheet

29/01/2007 Getting really serious about making the lean transformation?

05/02/2007 The culrure thing!

12/02/2007 Smart floors

19/02/2007 A global intelligence briefing for CEOs

26/02/2007 Looking more closely at little and often

05/03/2007 TWI influence on TPS & Kaizen

12/03/2007 5 Steps to implementing a lean material handling system

19/03/2007 Crossing the lean threshold

26/03/2007 Asking questions on the shop floor

02/04/2007 Why production most come first: The proper sequence for Lean Enterprise Transformation

09/04/2007 Why Toyota won and how Toyota can lose

16/04/2007 The machine is US/ing Us

23/04/2007 Some thoughts on Ishekawa charts

30/04/2007 The unspoken rules of toyota

07/05/2007 Consortium ShareShowcase 2007

14/05/2007 Getting lean right!

21/05/2007 Cash and the lean enterprise

28/05/2007 Selecting high-performing employees

11/06/2007 The problem of sustainability

18/06/2007 Norm Bodek speaks on Toyota

25/06/2007 Can lean work in any culture?

02/07/2007 10 Common misconceptions about lean manufacturing

09/07/2007 In God we trust… all others bring data

16/07/2007 Deming’s PDCA and Value Stream Mapping

30/07/2007 Lean is as Lean does

06/08/2007 What to teach the kids

20/08/2007 Why is no one asking the Product Development Community to create low-waste designs?

27/08/2007 Managing people, your most valuable resource

03/09/2007 Managing people, your most valuable resource  – Part 2  -

10/09/2007 Output… What is your role and accountability?

17/09/2007 The right ingredients for a successful TPM or Lean implementation

07/10/2007 No time? Or standing on a burning plataform? Then… join or build a consortium

14/10/2007 The next 10 years of lean

21/10/2007 Kaizen – Notes borrowed from Norm Bodeck

28/10/2007 Accessories for lean practitioners

05/11/2007 Thinking back from the customer

19/11/2007 Lean culture

26/11/2007 Managing change

03/12/2007 Lean lingo primer

10/12/2007 Merry Christmas!!!

Year 2006
09/01/2006 The power of doing daily Report-outs

16/01/2006 What is Kaizen??

23/01/2006 Applying Lean Mfg In the home

06/02/2006 All I ever needed to know about lean, I learned in Kindergarten

13/02/2006 The Toyota Way Fieldbook

20/02/2006 Visual Standard Work Instructions

27/02/2006 Orenda Aerospace Corporarion

06/03/2006 A tale of two business systems

13/03/2006 Green eggs and ham

20/03/2006 The roots of lean manufacturing

27/03/2006 Creating a lean culture

03/04/2006 Why implement lean in the front office

10/04/2006 Developing problem solvers

17/04/2006 Lean and Six Sigma

01/05/2006 Share ShowCase! Consortium Challenge

08/05/2006 Laying out the factory

15/05/2006 Fewer Heroes, More Farmers

22/05/2006 Assembly line put the world on wheels

29/05/2006 Designing the rubber factory

12/06/2006 The leadership challenge

19/06/2006 Purpose, Process, People

03/07/2006 Morning Market

10/07/2006 Successful change formula

17/07/2006 Reminder 1,061… The water level and the rocks… Remember the story?

24/07/2006 Building an Ant Colony

31/07/2006 Implementing 5S… The jump start and sustaining an integrated journey?

07/08/2006 Marrying lean to right sized technologies

14/08/2006 The long tail

21/08/2006 Thinking end to end

28/08/2006 Have better meetings

04/09/2006 Lean manufacturing & IT: No oxymoron!

11/09/2006 Can you be too lean??

18/09/2006 Here is a Jim Womack insight that you will not want to miss

25/09/2006 People and change

02/10/2006 7 Wastes of design

09/10/2006 Avoiding common VSM pitfalls

16/10/2006 The value stream organization

23/10/2006 GM Execs need more Hummers

30/10/2006 Recruiting

06/11/2006 How’s your employee retention plan?

13/11/2006 “I am the difference”

20/11/2006 Lean – It’s not just for the shop floor anymore: A lean office eliminates waste and saves time and money

27/11/2006 “From lean tools to lean management”

04/12/2006 Principles of lean

11/12/2006 Jay Myers leaves HPM Board Members thinking about ’07

18/12/2006 A tought to leave you with…

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