POSITIVE CASH FLOW is a fog that makes you avoid improvement.

This week’s Issue | 07/12/2020

The Covid-19 business model demographics are now truly starting to be defined and it is fascinating!  What started in March as was thought by many to be a short couple of week transition has now lingered into a multi-month impact that will most likely stretch into 2021 significantly … but still at the end, we cannot reflect in our rear-view mirror a return to normal.  But the demographics have truly stratified   …

We have the LEADERS that have managed to adapt to a new business model and are doing well …

The FOLLOWERS are complaint and holding on … some even may think that they are LEADERS but are being fooled by positive cash flow and will come crashing into a wall of reality when the landscape has been levelled.  They just have not yet realized they are living within a window of reprieve.

While the COMPLAINERS are still complaining like all of those restaurants that now have to close patios to accommodate snow removal … why are they so surprised that we get snow in the winter again this year?  And again need rent subsidy, wage subsidy and in general a life-raft to carry them through winter … when in reality they were handed a reprieve just long enough to give them time to adjust and pivot their business.

Innovation an d compliance can also have a sense of humour ….

Forgot your mask? | 22 Minutes – YouTube

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