Process Change is a journey

This week’s Issue | 27/04/2020

They say the only constant in life is “CHANGE” and these days everyone is definitely being impacted.  Most of the change impacting us these days is mostly reactionary rooted based on skill, experience and intuition.  In this case many of the changes are going to permanently mold our lives going forward … so it really is a journey of change … with many of the changes involving process which at one point will be reviewed to define if it is “truly value-add” … the journey has definitely started which means that it has formed a baseline for many tweaks and changes to come … either as process enhancements or further compliance to process.  What is missing in visibility is the new incurred costs associated with change and how much more is the consumer willing to pay for personal protection?

Since all organizations have started a journey of process change … let us take pause to review what a “Lean Journey” needs to encompass … so a pause, read and review could be beneficial by reading this week’s newsletter.  Sometimes history becomes the new frontier … so it is a humble re-print of a former newsletter but very pertinent for today.

For certain, as the weather improves here in North America complying to the new requests are just going to increase our personal challenge to comply.

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