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This week’s Issue | 07/06/2020

Contamination control is not new … although it appears to have taken on a whole new level of importance these days.  It does make one wonder how bad were organization’s concerns about our wellbeing before the outbreak of Covid. As the frequency of sanitation practices increases organizations are adding components into employee’s work spaces … but are they easily accessible ?  because if not they will not be used … of course the use needs to be supported with a strong procedure and protocol in order for the change to be effective.   There is CONTAMINATION and then there is CROSS-CONTAMINATION so as you adjust procedure you should be adding color codes to your cleaning supplies to prevent CROSS-CONTAMINATION … cleaning tools to be used for equipment should not be the same as those to protect or clean floors … but all of this together will automatically lead to work-space organization or 5S … so this week we review some basic tips to better work space organization as a reminder …

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