PUSH or PULL Lean Implementation

This week’s Issue | 13/07/2020

You already have the Product, Service or Technology which forms the base of your company brand but now you have the unique opportunity to review, enhance or reset your processes and your Lean journey .. thanks to Covid … WHAT AN OPPORTUNITY !!!   Your people are now getting used to a constant change to their process and the formalization of tribal knowledge has been shaken … so it has never been a better time to challenge your processes for the better.   The use of “Outside Eyes” during this phase is beyond useful … let them question everything … let them question to the void and plead don’t defend the status quo but see every question posed as an opportunity for improvement …

The greatest fodder for improvement is “Reflections” whether daily, monthly or quarterly … and this does not mean your personal reflections but also from your entire team held within a no-blame environment … short and concise so you capture “top-of-mind” concerns and convert them to process improvements.

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