Not Quite … Leadership Coaching

This week’s Issue | 02/03/2020

If you believe the numbers … then typically for every person you employ there are 10 people within your supply chain relying on your leadership skills.  Now the challenge is whether you decide to pursue an adversarial un-trusting relationship with your supply chain or one of collaboration.  But in essence both require audits to insure that value-add has been optimized throughout the Value Stream.


Here is where you need to see beyond the “Game Speak” coming from your suppliers and how you show leadership.  I been part of an audit that after a 3 hour boardroom presentation about all the great merits of the company an audit was terminated after a brief audit of a mechanics tool-box and also learned to be extremely cautious and respectful of the ultra-quiet individual in your japan based company.


So a few more eccentric thoughts and insights in this week’s newsletter gathered along the journey of life and doing external company audits … maybe one will work for you in the future.

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