REALLY?… material movement is the next frontier?

This week’s Issue | 24/02/2020

Growing up as a teenager I remember asking my Dad if he was concerned about how my generation was exploring the use of drugs?  He quickly responded that the exploration of using mind alternating drugs have been around for generations they just had a different slant … after the second world war the drug of choice was opium and alcohol … so time s change but the challenges in essence remain the same …

So am I becoming cynical as I start to read about Collaboration and Material conveyance as new operation frontiers?  Probably … we should have had these attributes mastered years ago … and for those companies that have they are now leaders within the business world.  Like Wal Mart that internally acknowledges that it is nothing more than a logistics provider that just happens to deliver products consumer desire or Toyota the often mimicked corporate model where the backbone of their methodologies is actually material conveyance while others scramble to adopt the enablers as key initiatives missing the core completely.

So this week we reflect on a couple of old concepts that are becoming new again but with a different slant.

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