This week’s Issue | 11/11/2019

No Lean Tips this week … instead we want you to pause to remember …

I am not a war veteran, but today we remember in acknowledgement of Remembrance Day or Veteran’s day to the many folks you went without question to protect the freedom and democracy we enjoy and sometimes appreciate today.

I grew up in Guelph Ontario which is the birth place of John McCrae and on a daily basis I walked past his birth home on the way to school … hard to imagine that both he and I likely sat on the same riverbank deep within our thoughts … since “In Flanders Fields” has become an icon associated with Remembrance Day I though a bit of history may be enjoyed.

As you bustle today to meet your objectives please pause in remembrance at 11AM for 2 minutes of reflection since like the following video it is …. a

Pittance of Time

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