Simple 5S+1 — a desktop exercise

This week’s Issue | 17/02/2020

Even messy people believe in organization … just ask my former accountant Bill Mitchell whose office was a true picture of Chaos and would not allow me in his office because according to him he knew where every file was located … but his invoices always arrived as past-due … so this week we take a look again at 5S … but this time form my lazy readers I have incorporated a simple homework assignment to help you better understand the power of being organized … believe me it will take you less than 5 minutes to complete …

Don Soderquist did a nice video to demonstrate just how inefficient you can become in your office …

BTW … should you want help educating your people about the power and value of 5S+1 we have a powerful simulation which can be bridged to workplace assignments for some immediate results.  The simulation takes around 2 hours to complete and is best for groups of 12-16 people per session.

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