5 Minute — 5S+1 … again

This week’s Issue | 08/09/2020

The majority of people truly enjoy working with a clean and orderly environment but truly do not like a huge task of cleaning.  I have been a true advocate of promoting 5 minute 5S since it can take a huge task and break it down into simple tasks … and incremental task that can be done beyond the normal cleaning .. this typically is well facilitated by having outside eyes casually audit a work area … not to insult our Team Member but rather to help them see what they have become immune towards.  Ultimately those little daily 5 minute contributions can add up to a huge contribution especially if you consider that most people work around 255 days per year an if you add up 5 minutes per working da you actually will accomplish 1,275 minutes or 21 hours to advance your organization !!!  Just imagine what could be accomplished and just how much easier every incremental improvement  will make the life of your Team Member.

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