Stand in a CIRCLE !!!

This week’s Issue | 03/11/2020

We are still getting adjusted to life within the digital condo … who would have thought one would need an I.T. individual to make your abode livable and also thank goodness that most companies now have Tech Services available and staffed with real human beings or we would definitely be sunk.

As we have been wandering around getting adjusted this has required us to spend a lot of time with new and diverse suppliers.  I am now getting more convinced that those companies that utilize an employee to operate as an observer are the ones that are winning to capture market share and enhanced customer service.  Here in NA we are used to people that are being paid to be working … but sometime (many times) your investment will return more and higher returns by having an individual just observe … of course they will find an opportunity and will jump into a 30 inch view but if the organizational DNA triggers for another observer to fill the role the opportunity continues.

Back a bit … Doc Hall revealed a stealth but powerful differenator used within the Toyota Production System to trigger Continuous Improvement … which also acknowledges that you can see but that does not mean that you are actually observing … learning to identify process and then mentally map it is a science not an art … so Taiichi Ohno’s stand in the circle exercise becomes really powerful.   Hence just a friendly nudge once again from a past issue to force you to pause and observe ….

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