Stand in the CIRCLE

This week’s Issue | 21/10/2013

We increased sales by over 18 million this past week while in Cincinnati and Nashville just by standing around doing observations.  When you convert your opportunities into dollars and then divide that number with your EBIDTA as a percentage will show you how much more you will need is sales dollars to add to bottom line.  Doing this calculation increases the urgency of implementing Lean methodology improvements.  The best part the opportunities identified required no capital expenditures and can be implemented faster than finding potential customers who can provide that 18 million in additional sales.

 Hence this week’s newsletter takes a look at standing in the circle and employ the power of observation.

 The following videos are for your Sunday morning delight … the first one you may need to wear your seat belt and the second is kind of a cool quick tour of the Tesla factory.

 You first see the harbor of the French town of Saint Guenole, invaded by the waves; then the trawler “Veronika” where her base is.

 For all techno freaks and others a tour of the Tesla Factory

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