This week’s Issue | 26/10/2020

Lean Practitioners and Leaders all operate with a consistency of purpose … to identify and eliminate waste and to insure our Team Members are functioning appropriately.

So it happens with all innocence but ultimately becomes a huge time waste … what am I talking about?   Most leaders know to focus on the first hour of a shift start to insure a smooth start which will establish the cadence for the day.  So how do Leaders help? … they manage by walking around and speaking to area leaders before they attend a status (Huddle) meeting for a more formal review with the team … the problem is that every stakeholder does the same thing at the start of shift and we have witnessed Area Team Leaders being interrupted by as many as 8 occasions as each stakeholder is harvesting data thereby diverting our Area Team Leader from being focused on task to justify the current situation … what a waste !!!   Indeed Leaders should manage by walking around but only focus on observation and not speaking until additional coaching has been defined after your huddle meeting.

So why does this happen?   My only guess is a lack of trust within communication and seeking clarification of what is witnessed … however the use of a Daily De-Brief may be better suited especially if visibly posted within a target work area … read more in this week’s newsletter.

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