The Future of Manufacturing is NOW


30/04/2012  The Future of Manufacturing is NOW !!

Park your paradigms … while getting on your business …  is exactly what the team did this past week just outside ofSt. Louis.  I can imagine just how difficult it was for some especially since they had been in the business for over 30 years … but they did it with some amazing results.  By reconfiguring some process steps and placing equipment closer together they will easily be able to absorb a 60% increase of production without reducing labour and actually increasing usable floor space.  Have to admit you don’t get to hit many home runs like that very often … but when you do it is very sweet.


We ended the week by visiting the memorial arch in downtownSt. Louis… part of the visit included watching the movie about how the arch was constructed. Amazing was that no workers died during the construction even though the staticians had predicted at least 2 would.  Especially when you consider that no one was wearing harnesses …


This week we look at the emergence of the new manufacturing frontier while reflecting on some thoughts from the 1500 hundreds … enjoy


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