Tips to 5S your computer

This week’s Issue | 11/05/2015

I was amazed at just how cold our winter was … this past week we had the chance to visit an old friend in Syracuse NY … as we left it was showing 30 degrees C on our thermometer when we decided to stop for lunch at small restaurant next to Lake Ontario the temperature had dropped to 13.5 degrees C indicating that the wind blowing over the water was cooling the air like a giant heat sink.


Conducting 5S in physical locations shows immediate physical results … which means many avoid doing 5S in those invisible locations like your computer … so this week we offer some tips on how to 5S your computer files … which some will follow but those that are not 5S oriented will avoid and rationalize their current methodology.


For those that fly often you know the standard drill of the safety briefing which is required and typically boring but this SW Airlines flight attendant makes it bit more appealing and keeps the passengers engaged … hope I get her today as we fly to Cincinnati …


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