This week’s Issue | 17/08/2020

Clayton Christenson was one of my professors who formalized the theory of “Disruptive Innovation” and the examples he used were very vivid but yesterday my father sent me one of those e-mails, one to make you stop and think …  I believe we are in the middle of yet another deployment of a subtle but significant “Disruptive Innovation” … We are actually living in the middle of the transition as we complete our condo renovations … just a few years ago while renovating the Digital Manor LED lighting was new … not anymore and almost every device we are installing into our condo is now Wi-Fi enabled  … so I think this week’s newsletter with content provided by Dad may actually be a true glimpse of our future …

You may be handling paper money every day but do you really appreciate the embedded technology?  This is a very cool insight about Canadian currency …

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