Tribal Knowledge, Culture and Spiritual Leaders KNOW THEM, USE THEM

This week’s Issue | 14/12/2020

I believe there is a huge vulnerability with organizations are attempting to eliminate Tribal Knowledge by replacing it with “Standard Work” … now I truly believe in Standard Work or “latest Best Practice” to insure consistency of purpose and predictable outcomes … but that Tribal Knowledge usually retained by a “Spiritual Leader” can ultimately build and ultimately establish your Brand !!   That then becomes the vulnerability unless you know it, acknowledge it and finally harness it … in a positive sense.  That then becomes very powerful … if I lose them voluntarily (retirement) I can still reach out for coaching and asking them to return and influence but if I lose them involuntary (death … or remember people leave leaders not organizations) then I either lose it completely or I need to assume my competitor has just gained a significant advantage … so this week we look at Tribal Knowledge, Your Culture and how it all is molded together through your Spiritual Leaders …

But for fun and a bit of a primer enjoy this video and it may scare you if it resonates …

Venn diagram career choice analysis

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