TRIBAL KNOWLEDGE … is a good thing !!

This week’s Issue | 09/11/2020

How easy we have it these days … if we stumble or need a greater understanding or to solve a problem … if Google or You-Tube cannot provide the answer most likely an answer does not exist.  Today we do not have to venture out to find Tribal Knowledge to solve our crisis …  But Tribal knowledge should not be dismissed since it does formulate within the fabric of our competitive edge … either ignore it,   try to eradicate it  or better yet, harness it and leverage it to your advantage !!!

I learned this in an interesting manner during our condo renovation.  The Resident Love Goddess decided that Glass features incorporated into the design would be stunning (which they are) and we engaged the services of a glass company that we have known for years.  Anyone can procure glass and most likely anyone can cut glass given the necessary technology (only inhibited by available cash, market need defining a good ROI) but the secret was in the final installation where we witnessed an abundance of Tribal knowledge in action.  The original template was an individual with whom I grown up with since we were both still in diapers but who stayed within the glass industry … as he templated he was in essence creating the installation process (the Sensei) that would be followed by the eventual installer (The Grasshopper), except in our case The Grasshopper also had many years of experience growing up inside the shop as a floor sweeper and eventually becoming a certified glassier … but in case certification meant nothing but Tribal Knowledge was everything.   It delivered an outstanding result and I hope the owner realizes how blessed he is due to his tribal knowledge and hopefully his progression plan will insure their dominance within the industry for years to come …

So let us explore the virtues of Tribal knowledge further this week …

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