Visual Attendance

This week’s Issue | 18/11/2019

I believe that one of the most insulting pillars that exist in many organizations is the requirement for employees to “clock” into and out of work every day.  We have worked hard to recruit capable people that align with our beliefs and will fit nicely into our culture.  We develop and integrate many methodologies to increase engagement and then the insult … you need to “clock”.   Remember, we have hired adults and being an adult comes with responsibilities which in many cases includes looking after a family which likely includes insuring that bills are paid on time and having our children sent off to school on time … so why do we then insult our most important asset … our employees?

If you have built a culture of excellence you can abandon the insult of “clocking” in and for the importance of Health & Safety replace it with Visual Attendance instead.  Should you encounter an attendance problem it quickly becomes visible due to an empty work station or goals not being met … this is a leadership issue not an attendance problem.

Also when I witness the amount of administrative effort to manage “clock” attendance methodologies this becomes an HR power trip instead of focusing those resources on how to continuously improve our products and services for our customers.


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