This week’s Issue | 12/05/2019

This week Mariela and I spent some time in discussion with David Arkell of 360 Energy.  360 Energy acts as a coach to organizations to better manage their Energy spend and highlight potential opportunities for savings. 

As we here in Canada are getting insight about the environment and the Carbon Footprint we individually or as an organization create.   We are now being hammered with a Carbon Tax which is fairly significant especially when you go to fill your vehicle with gas here in Ontario.  It became pertinent to me that although we preach about Visible and Invisible wastes that occur within the organization the cost of energy becomes a super Invisible Waste and hence may not get the focus it deserves.  Don Soderquist was a key driver while at Wal Mart imploring organizations to measure their Carbon Foot Print and how they can become a negative generator. 

So this week we go back to basics about wastes but with a bit of a twist ….

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