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That 30 inch view or diversion?

This week’s Issue | 25/01/2021

As westerns we have been programmed that if we are not being busy (or acting busy) we likely are not providing any value … when in reality sometimes doing nothing and having to do nothing is actually much more productive.  For example when part of …


Clean & Lean Office

This week’s Issue | 18/01/2021

Life is comprised of a series of processes and these processes consist of operations, tasks and sub-tasks … but do they add value?   As the world pivots due to Covid people are now sequestered in their home office and even though you may have migrated …


CULTURE? Muscle Memory or DNA

This week’s Issue | 11/01/2020

Often companies adopt new methods in order to either adjust or change culture while attempting to improve communication.  But are method changes enough?   Your organizational culture was programmed at the start of your business and then solidified as infrastructure operating software is implemented … so …



This week’s Issue | 21/12/2020

CONGRATULATIONS !!!  if you are reading this … well, you have survived and navigated around the obstacles of 2019 which I am sure that in some cases were major and others .. just a nuisance but you are here.  That is awesome and …

We …