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Velocity is the actual currency of LEAN

This week’s Issue | 13/08/2018

Many times I am amazed at the stupidity of organizations.  In order to boost profit they make the wrong decisions like let us eliminate travel, no new hires, eliminate training and then I become the victim being told to terminate an employee that has been


Updating your Value Stream Maps

This week’s Issue | 06/08/2018

Doing a Value Stream Mapping workshop is a valuable tenant in your repository to force you to push the “pause” button on your organization by forcing you and a close team of practitioners to get “ON” our business instead of constantly being “IN” the processes. 


FMEA Failure Mode Evaluation Analysis

This week’s Issue | 30/07/2018

Poor planning on your part does not justify heroics by me to satisfy the goal.  A big difference between a robust Lean organization is the amount of time they invest in anticipating potential problems and how they can be averted. Hence comes into play the


Manage your INPUTS to control your costs

This week’s Issue | 23/07/2018

For many employment is just a job a way to exchange a “gift of time” to obtain money to pay bills while others dive into a challenge to formulate a career.  However all of them can recall the work environment they existed within. You have