Lean Thoughts

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Machines are our FRIEND

This week’s Issue | 12/03/2018

This weekend Mariela and I are celebrating our business being in existence for 13 years … WOW !!!   We have been very fortunate to partner with many different organization and leave our positive finger prints of improvement.  In all cases machines have been our friends


Do you still need pencil and paper in 2018?

This week’s Issue | 05/03/2018

Many times as we attempt to coach organizations it feels lie we are pushing on a rope.  We know what certain methodologies will deliver to their organization but they fail to see it as an investment but rather focus on it being an expense.  So


Operating Principals

This week’s Issue | 26/02/2018

For any organization to function properly you need to identify and follow operating principals.  So this week we attempt to provide you with a thought starter to help get you started or confirm you have them in place


CAPD — Check, Act, Plan, Do

This week’s Issue | 19/02/2018

I apologize that their has been a lapse to our regularly issued newsletter … but things have been a bit hectic.

 It has been an interesting start of the year … visiting some of our friends that have listened to us and followed our Lean