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Center of TRUTH

This week’s Issue | 13/01/2020

Old people are so knowledgeable … why?  They may not have the schooling but they have now absorbed many years of transferred knowledge and experience.  In many cases they have embraced a “ho-Hum” attitude wiling to share with those who want to listen and potentially …


BUSINESS EXCELLENCE is like renovations

This week’s Issue | 06/01/2020

Welcome to 2020 !!!

This could be another turbulent year with the announcement of amplified unrest in the mid-east and the coming of a Presidential election later in the year.  But every year presents us with turbulence … it just looks different. Just like variables …


Merry Christmas !!! 2019

This week’s Issue | 23/12/2019

T ’is the time of year for the Resident Love Goddess and I too wish you a wonderful Christmas and a fabulous entry to 2020 !!!  We hope that Santa will be kind to both you and your family this year by bringing smiles to …


LEAN the four letter word !!!

This week’s Issue | 16/12/2019

Learning is completed by using the following senses of visual, touch or orator …and the most effective training usually spans at least 2 of the senses or hopefully all.   For many LEAN becomes a 4 letter word since a change agent witnessed a LEAN methodology …