Lean Thoughts

A weekly e-newsletter started to keep the members of the Lean Consortium connected and now shared with a larger community of business excellence practitioners.



This week’s Issue | 26/10/2020

Lean Practitioners and Leaders all operate with a consistency of purpose … to identify and eliminate waste and to insure our Team Members are functioning appropriately.

So it happens with all innocence but ultimately becomes a huge time waste … what am I talking about?   …


Managing Customer DEMAND

This week’s Issue | 18/10/2020

Project Completion !!!! Well sort of … we can finally state that our condo renovation is complete and our migration for the most part has happened.  But like any significant project there are a few issues to refine during our initial shake-down cruise … including …


Innovate or Die — Why Lean Initiatives Fail

This week’s Issue | 12/10/2020

The primary purpose of our weekly newsletter is to stimulate “Thought Starters” in you our reader’s minds.  It may not be anything new or even mind shattering but perhaps a humble reminder of a practice, methodology or tool that has slipped your mind.  But your …


Output … What is your role and accountability

This week’s Issue | 04/10/2020

We have been re-visiting some old published newsletters as we devote our “Gift of Time” towards the completion of our renovations but the topics still remain relevant during these turbulent times of Covid.

Th foundation of  a process can be sustained through the use of …