Lean Thoughts

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Manufacturing 4.0 … explained

This week’s Issue | 09/12/2019

DATA – DATA – DATA … today it appears that technology is exponentially advancing creating vast realms of data … really great data but then what?  In most cases organizations lack an analyst who has the time and the ability to review the data for …


Lean or just Common Sense?

This week’s Issue | 02/12/2019

Let us not get confused … many, many companies embark on process improvements which they then define as an implementation of Lean.  Wake-up in most cases they are not Lean but just simple common business sense.  But whether Lean or Common Sense their also exists …


Another approach to 5S+1

This week’s Issue | 25/11/2019

Many years ago I was handed “carte blanche” to deploy Lean Methodologies across the organization.  Many speak about gaining support from the top … something we had since the activities and project plan had been approved by the Board of Directors .. so what was …


Visual Attendance

This week’s Issue | 18/11/2019

I believe that one of the most insulting pillars that exist in many organizations is the requirement for employees to “clock” into and out of work every day.  We have worked hard to recruit capable people that align with our beliefs and will fit nicely …