Lean Thoughts

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This week’s Issue | 23/03/2020

Imagine an Undertaker concerned about headcount …

The Resident Love Goddess and I purchase our eggs from a local farmer who by day is an Undertaker.  Yesterday he conveyed his concern about being able to retain his employees … the Covid 19 virus is impacting …


Supply-Chain Strategy

This week’s Issue | 16/03/2020

Intersecting circles ???  Read the newsletter on how this applies to your Supply-Chain strategy for uninterrupted supply.  It may be too late currently but hopefully a thought starter for going forward and once again the power of developing your Project | Product | Process – …


INVENTORY Replenishment

This week’s Issue | 09/03/2020

If you observe really successful organizations you will quickly realize that critical to their success is how they manage material movement internally and through their Supply Chains.  My uncle used to constantly remind me that he was managing a logistics company that just happened to …


Not Quite … Leadership Coaching

This week’s Issue | 02/03/2020

If you believe the numbers … then typically for every person you employ there are 10 people within your supply chain relying on your leadership skills.  Now the challenge is whether you decide to pursue an adversarial un-trusting relationship with your supply chain or one …