Lean Thoughts

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This week’s Issue | 11/02/2019

For the Resident Love Goddess and myself our biggest reward working with our client partners is to witness the personal growth of individuals.  So it was very cool to see operators that were shy to be board owners a year ago now report and reflect


White Water Kayaking

This week’s Issue | 04/02/2019

It was an amazing week as we had friends from Australia stay with us for a few days … it allowed us to be tourists in our own area and lots of discussion and reflections on what had transpired in our lives since our last


Manage your Customer

This week’s Issue | 28/01/2019

Many times as an organization we feel that we are a victim of our customers … but your role is to relieve customer stress.  Maybe you have a chance to relieve both … read on and also how 5S will improve your organizational brand.



The fence that me and Shorty Built

This week’s Issue | 21/01/2019

I think it is time to discuss organizational culture … you can either let it morph on its own or you can engineer it either directly or indirectly. We had a wonderful week once again in Quebec where our client was surprised just how big