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Building Effective Measurement Systems

This week’s Issue | 27/08/2018

As we get to the close of summer many organizations begin to think about the strategic plan for 2019 … but to measure how we do we need strong organizational KPI.  Now we believe that that KPI at the execution point need to be immediate


This week’s Issue | 20/08/2018

At this time of year organizations begin to ponder their plans for the coming year or the next 5 years.  Planning involves both Strategic and Tactile initiatives and then a methodology and timing for execution.  I am still a raving fan of using EVSM to


Velocity is the actual currency of LEAN

This week’s Issue | 13/08/2018

Many times I am amazed at the stupidity of organizations.  In order to boost profit they make the wrong decisions like let us eliminate travel, no new hires, eliminate training and then I become the victim being told to terminate an employee that has been


Updating your Value Stream Maps

This week’s Issue | 06/08/2018

Doing a Value Stream Mapping workshop is a valuable tenant in your repository to force you to push the “pause” button on your organization by forcing you and a close team of practitioners to get “ON” our business instead of constantly being “IN” the processes.