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Leadership Traits

This week’s Issue | 20/01/2020

The success of any organization goes beyond your technology, product or service.  All of these attributes need to be fueled by employees and employees look for and need leadership.  Leaders that are willing to calculated risks and know the value they bring to the organization.  …


Center of TRUTH

This week’s Issue | 13/01/2020

Old people are so knowledgeable … why?  They may not have the schooling but they have now absorbed many years of transferred knowledge and experience.  In many cases they have embraced a “ho-Hum” attitude wiling to share with those who want to listen and potentially …


BUSINESS EXCELLENCE is like renovations

This week’s Issue | 06/01/2020

Welcome to 2020 !!!

This could be another turbulent year with the announcement of amplified unrest in the mid-east and the coming of a Presidential election later in the year.  But every year presents us with turbulence … it just looks different. Just like variables …


Merry Christmas !!! 2019

This week’s Issue | 23/12/2019

T ’is the time of year for the Resident Love Goddess and I too wish you a wonderful Christmas and a fabulous entry to 2020 !!!  We hope that Santa will be kind to both you and your family this year by bringing smiles to …