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REALLY?… material movement is the next frontier?

This week’s Issue | 24/02/2020

Growing up as a teenager I remember asking my Dad if he was concerned about how my generation was exploring the use of drugs?  He quickly responded that the exploration of using mind alternating drugs have been around for generations they just had a different …


Simple 5S+1 — a desktop exercise

This week’s Issue | 17/02/2020

Even messy people believe in organization … just ask my former accountant Bill Mitchell whose office was a true picture of Chaos and would not allow me in his office because according to him he knew where every file was located … but his invoices …


Daily Rport-Outs

This week’s Issue | 10/02/2020

Throughout my career I must profess that I was an extremely lazy manager … especially when it applied to the tactile requirements of my position.  I have always followed the mantra of either 1) Lead 2) Follow or 3) Get out of the way … …



This week’s Issue | 03/02/2020

I believe that everyone either as individuals or part of an organization are constantly seeking to achieve the Perfect Process.  However that Perfect Process will look different depending on your profession or industry but still in your mind it needs to be that Perfect Process …