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Send us your Plant or Office layout and we will reproduce it on a substrate of your choice. We will then reproduce the outlines of your equipment on another type of material ... so you can move your equipment without expense or breaking out in a sweat. Great for warehouse planograms also.


Please call 519-651-2341 for pricing


Invest once and you can use this tool for many purposes.  To begin the process you will need to send us your plant or office layout without the equipment showing … plus a file with all of your equipment.  You can even send us pictures of the equipment with dimensions to give that 3D look.

Select a substrate where you would like to have your layout reproduced;

  • - Glass Boards … equipment will be reproduced on our cling material
  • - Magnetic Porcelain Coated White Board … equipment can be reproduced on either magnetic material or cling material
  • - White Board material laminated to an engineered plastic … equipment will be produced on our cling material

Once the Plant-O-Gram is complete you can reposition equipment, designate inventory locations and use a dry erase marker to map flow … the ultimate visual Value Stream Map.  You use this tool to show your customers the path their products will take within your shop.

Or … use it to visualize how to create and locate cells to minimize movement and walk.

This concept also works well for other applications;

  • - Warehouse locations and planograms
  • - First Aid rooms
  • - Kan Ban and Supermarkets
  • - Office Supplies


You provide the images and we convert them into unique visual indicators.  The better the image the better we can reproduce to the highest resolution … we can provide better quality than most sign shops and we have the capability to also produce in metallic colors.

With our laminating process we can can enhance the life of the printed images.


Just send us the desired shape and we will cut it to your specifications.


We can match any colour requirement including metallic.


For pricing on customized product, please Contact US or phone 519 651 2341

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