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ADVANCED VISUALS | Materials - Vinyl

We have a wide array of vinyls with various adhesion characteristics that are suitable for any application. This can really accelerate your 5S Lean journey. and help really create the Visual Organization.


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WHITE VINYL: Provides vivid images and great colors for short to medium-term indoor and outdoor applications. Features a clear, permanent adhesive and is typically for outdoor  and banner applications, including short-term applications. Available in white gloss and matte finishes.  This generic vinyl is great to mate with almost any substrate to create signs or templates.  Create your 5S program around this material or we can create templates on the vinyl that you can ten populate with markers like Fish-Bone diagrams, 5 why problem solving or A3′s.

VINYL WRAP: An ideal choice for application on un-even surfaces. Features an advanced air release system, a grey-pigmented repositionable adhesive and cast construction for highly conformable performance over the most difficult curves, corrugations and rivets.  Really put some punch into your TPM program … include checking instructions and make it vibrant with color so your folks can easily find the checkpoints.  This amy also be a good alternative to re-painting a mcahine.  Use this material to create measuring rulers that can be applied to machines or work surfaces.  Instead of shadow boxing a work station top … have us create the graphic and you just apply.

PERFORATED VINYL: Ideal for a wide selection of applications such as:  • Flat & Contoured Window Graphics  •  Window Graphics  • Displays and Panels for Office partitions  • Glass Building Wraps  • POP’s graphics, Showrooms, Training Rooms.  A great material that can be applied to viewing windows of machines … you make it work like a vision system or promote your logo through-out your operation.  Also a great moral booster that can be applied to windows contained in meeting rooms.

PERFORATED REFLECTIVE VINYL: Exterior-mount window applications for which maintaining visibility of the image under low light is desired. Can be used on machine windows or exterior windows to communicate messages … great for driver entrances without totally obstructing views.

REFLECTIVE VINYL: Designed for a broad range of graphic applications such as safety short term billboards, banners, graphics and signage that requires visibility at night. This product can be used outdoors to indicate door numbers … or have it applied to a substrate like a magnet so you can quickly find items in dimly lit areas of your facility or outside.  Great for panel marking of your machines.

This material is tear and fade resistant.

SEMI RIGID MATTE VINYL: This 6 mil material is ideal for short term applications. a good budget priced material for creating generic signs and indicators within your facility.  This material still provides excellent resolution to picture like brilliance without the light feed-back you can experience from using a gloss material.

HIGH-BOND VINYL: This material  adheres well to powder coat paint found on many machinery surfaces. Available in 6 mil thick clear or white gloss.   Ideal for high-quality durable markings or decals on indoor / outdoor power equipment, and other interior and exterior markings. This material has a very aggressive adhesion whih makes it an excellent material for signage on equipment or in harsher conditions.

REMOVABLE VINYL: This material is the right choice for short-term interior and exterior graphics that require easy removal. It has a water-based, removable, grey-pigmented adhesive that delivers great covering power. Designed for flat-surface applications. White gloss and matte finishes.  This is a great product … need something short-term, print the message and just apply to the wall … once done just remove without any damage to what was underneath including wall paper.  A great material to have pre-printed with templates A3, 5Why etc or SWOT … take it off-site to populate and then post once back in the office … typically can be removed and reapplied 3-5 times.

Ideal for shorter term outdoor applications such as transit or billboard where removability is a necessity


You provide the images and we convert them into unique visual indicators. The better the image the better we can reproduce to the highest resolution … we can provide better quality than most sign shops and we have the capability to also produce metallic colors.

With our laminating process we can can enhance the life of the floor marking sign.


Just send us the desired shape and we will cut it to your specifications.


We can match any colour requirement including metallic.


For pricing on customized product, please Contact US or phone 519 651 2341

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