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CUSTOM SOLUTIONS | Extruded Aluminum

Sometimes you just cannot find the perfect stock solution. We work with Extruded Aluminum profiles to create the exact solution you need. Collaborate with our design engineers who really understand Lean.





We have a wide range of profiles and ancillary items that work with the extrusions.  From here we can design build any solution you desire.  Typical applications include;

  • - custom workstations
  • - flow racks
  • - carts
  • - machine guarding
  • - rolling tool carts
  • - conveyors
  • - tool transfer carts


Our design team will work directly with during the deign phase and we will provide you with full auto-cad drawings.  In many cases the design can be adjusted and altered once on site if required.  We can attach, conveyors, glass panels, lighting and casters.


For pricing on customized product or to begin working with our Design Team, please Contact US or phone 519 651 2341

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      from $2.29

      We have seen the rest ... but these are the best document holders on the market. The perfect enhancement to your 5S protocol ... these holders help create and sustain a professional looking work environment. Get rid of the taped signs scattered around your facility. Once you begin to use them you will never revert back to laminating documents or using the flimsy traditional sheet protectors. Once you place the document into the protector "Pocket" sleeve and slide it into the track the document becomes sealed. It is easy to replace the document by removing the sleeve from the track. The track comes with an adhesive strip for permanent mounting or can be attached to a magnet strip for use directly onto metal or our Report-Out board. --- While placing an order first dimension should be the Width followed by the Height.---

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      SIGNAGE | Fire Signs

      from $6.00

      The rule is within 15 seconds from 50 feet you should be able to identify needs and process ... this can be especially important in cases of emergency. Communicate effectively with easily applied visuals. Easy to install, you just peel-&-stick!

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      A valuable option available on all of the document holders is what we call a “Window pocket”. In essence your document is protected by a flap while remaining easy accessable to fill-in information. Employees just need to lift the flap to make notations or update graphs… but the rest of the time your documents are protected from dust, water and other harsh elements. This is a great product anywhere, especially in the food industry, outdoor applications and dustry/greasy environments. -- While placing an order first dimension should be the Width followed by the Height.--

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      ERGONOMIC | Adjustable Workstations

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      People come in different heights and some tasks are better performed at different work levels. We offer some basic workstation options for you to consider for either within operations or the office. Start by selecting an appropriate frame, add a top and finally complement if needed with a Tool Board.