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A valuable option available to solve the need to store multiple pages.

$8.94 — $21.12

These Plastic Pockets have a top thumb notch, hold up to 30 pages, are water proof and can be re-used hundreds of times!

Due to the hinged design of the track you can cascade the document holders to better utilize space … they will overlap by 1/2 inch so make sure you add a “footer” title to your documents.  Since being hinged place the work instruction for how to complete the form or harvest data on the reverse side.

These document holders are used on TPM Stations and Morning Market where employees may use several forms.

These document holders can also be used within …

INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS: Having  the right information can make or break efficiency. Our Pockets are  powerful tools to help maintain and increase productivity.

OFFICE APPLICATIONS: For  safety policies, office procedures or schedules. Our Pockets provide  ways to protect valuable materials by keeping all information accessible  and space efficient.

WAREHOUSE APPLICATIONS: These products keep stock tags organized, clearly identified and bar code scannable pockets are important features.


- Plastic Pocket

- Peel and Stick Track or Magnetic Track

We use this Document Holder system in all of our customized or packaged solutions.  Works extremely well on Report-Out Boards (magnetic) or in any other application requiring excellent visuals.

We can make custom sized document holders for use a rack marking [warehouse], employee pictures, washroom checklists etc.


For pricing on customized product, please Contact US or phone 519 651 2341

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