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A professional enhancer to your 5S strategy or where you just need more room. Cost effective and very flexible. This system can be applied to existing walls, the back of work stations or even assembled into a stand-alone island within your facility. The groves in the system support a myriad of different devices to support work place organization. You can order hooks, bins and other implements of organization. Made from extruded plastic you can co-mingle this system with plastic peg-board which allows you to wash down the system with a power washer to keep it clean without destroying the product's integrity. You can also assemble a quick island to increase storage capacity within your environment. Clean enough for use in plant or office.





- 8″ x 96″ x ¾” panel

- Panels snap into one another

- Available in 4″, 6″ and 8″ on center groove spacing

- High strength to weight ratio [up to 45 pounds per hang point]

- Easy Installation

- Resistant to mold, mildew and most chemicals.

- Easy to clean: can be washed with garden hose, pressure wash or wet/dry vacuum.

- Wall can be cut with a simple hand saw.

- Incredible load capacity.

100% Waterproof – Will not harbor bacteria

Chemically Resistant – Acid resistant

Safe – Class B Flame Spread Rating

Durable -Resists marring – good for high traffic areas

White, black, grey and taupe.

Combine  this solution with our “Shadow” material and labels for optimal  creation of tool boards, cleaning stations and much more!

Contact  us for details on hooks and accessories available to complement this  solution, as well as, ideas on how to make the best use of this board to  satisfy your needs.


Tell us what you want to mount, and we will provide you with a draft lay-out.  Once approved we will create your shadow board complete with either vinyl shadows or vinyl pictures, the required hooks or attachments.  So that when it arrives all you need to do is populate your board and hang it up … what savings of resources.  Drafts and proofs are submitted for final approval prior to fabrication. You will find that this custom solution is very competitively priced when taking into consideration your time and resources.


We can co-mingle with Plastic Peg Board and a wide array of other engineered plastics and light metals into an integrated solution.  We then have the ability to laminate a wide selection of materials to the substrates to create unique and distinctive solutions. Laminates range from cloths [flags, banners, washable work instructions] to static cling materials [equipment and work station cut-outs, A3 templates for use in the field, plant/site lay-outs, window displays] along with traditional laminates many of which are suitable in areas where anti-bacterial requirements exist.


You provide the images and we convert them into unique visual indicators. Using state of the art printing technology we can convert images into stencils, placards and flags that are water and UV-resistant up to three years outdoors and seven years+ indoors. The better the image the better we can reproduce to the highest resolution … we can provide better quality than most sign shops and we have the capability to also produce metallic colors.

With our laminating process we can significantly improve the life cycle and chemical resistance of your boards.

With our track system we can integrate boards to create any size of coverage you require.


Our unique mounting system allows you to remove boards for easy cleaning or transfer information from the floor to the boardroom. Mounting hardware was designed to comply with GMP [Good Manufacturing Practices],and  includes an easy mount template.


For pricing on customized product, please Contact US or phone 519 651 2341

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      SHADOW BOARD | 2" Foam


      We will provide you with a work instruction on how to foam workstation drawers to keep items organized. Rigid enough for controlling items on top of work stations. Great enabler for your 5S and shadow box strategy.

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      PEG-BOARD | Plastic Peg-Board


      This is a product is perfect for harsh environments and those environments where Good Manufacturing Practices [GMP's] and controlled environmental conditions are required [i.e. Pharma]. It will withstand moisture and the harsh elements of the outdoors where you still want to create some organization. Great enabler for your 5S and shadow box strategy.

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      PEG-BOARD| Mounting Track For Peg-Board and Engineered Plastics

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      To provide your Peg Board that professional look while providing a stand-off this mounting track is the trick. It can also be used to professionally mount engineered plastics or co-mingle technologies within one frame. 5S applications typically use peg-boards ... but sometimes you just need more space or the addition of other systems. This add-on works perfect with our plastic Peg-Board and Engineered Plastics.

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      Originally designed for the Military these hooks are great and durable. The integrated locking mechanism means not having to work with locking straps. Great enabler for your 5S and shadow box strategy and feel comfortable the hooks will not fall off the board into your processes.