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Hourly Run Performance tracking. This a great tool to identify Disturbances to Flow and how the operators reacted to specific situations. An excellent way to observe trends especially if you compare several days results. If you have poor performance issues this is a good way to identify additional checks that should be added to your daily TPM and also issues should be communicated through the Daily Management Methodology.


Magnetic Hourly Run Board Kit – 24″ x 48″, 24 Hour Tracker.

Single Sided labelled. Includes:

- One 14x 8.5″ Window -  Document Holder  White Compact Track [Magnetic]
- Set of magnetic markers and eraser.

Tracking Process Performance on an hourly basis build accountability but allow you to see problems quickly so that hey can be resolved fast.  Typically an escalation methodology is built in so that Supervisors or Team Leads are notified quickly that coaching or assistance can be provided.

Hourly Run Board is a white board that needs to be erased and updated every 24 hours depending on what increments you decide to use.  Most users of Hourly Run Boards take a picture of a completed board for reflection at a later time.  The most important aspect of the Hourly Run board is that the process has a target to achieve and allows Team Members to celebrate success.

Another option when tracking hour performance for a specific operation.  You can use a TAKT Sheet pad that will allow you to retain a hard copy of performance results. [A special hanger for the TAKT sheets will need to be assembled on stand]. TAKT sheet pad comes pre-printed and pre-drilled with 30 sheets per pad.


Hourly Run Boards can be ordered either as Wall mounted or Portable.

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