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We will provide you with a work instruction on how to foam workstation drawers to keep items organized. Rigid enough for controlling items on top of work stations. Great enabler for your 5S and shadow box strategy.




This closed cell foam is resistant to many liquids and is a great assist to helping you organize items in workstation drawers.  The higher durometer foam makes it also ideal to control items on top of workstations or at machines.


The foam is provided in either Black or White


Standard Shipping size is 24 inches X 48 inches (larger custom sizes can be supplied)


For pricing on customized product, please Contact US or phone 519 651 2341

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      PEG-BOARD | Plastic Peg-Board


      This is a product is perfect for harsh environments and those environments where Good Manufacturing Practices [GMP's] and controlled environmental conditions are required [i.e. Pharma]. It will withstand moisture and the harsh elements of the outdoors where you still want to create some organization. Great enabler for your 5S and shadow box strategy.

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      PEG-BOARD | Plastic Hooks


      Originally designed for the Military these hooks are great and durable. The integrated locking mechanism means not having to work with locking straps. Great enabler for your 5S and shadow box strategy and feel comfortable the hooks will not fall off the board into your processes.

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      You have the technology and the process but people are what really make it happen and are ultimately your organization's brand image. What a better way to show your Respect for People within your Lean Enterprise. This is a great way to communicate that brand image. Created with translucent materials [your primary company color] you post the pictures of your valued team for all to see.

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      A professional enhancer to your 5S strategy or where you just need more room. Cost effective and very flexible. This system can be applied to existing walls, the back of work stations or even assembled into a stand-alone island within your facility. The groves in the system support a myriad of different devices to support work place organization. You can order hooks, bins and other implements of organization. Made from extruded plastic you can co-mingle this system with plastic peg-board which allows you to wash down the system with a power washer to keep it clean without destroying the product's integrity. You can also assemble a quick island to increase storage capacity within your environment. Clean enough for use in plant or office.