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TRAINING | Lean Leader Training

We use experiential learning to train the students on various Lean Methodologies. The test for Understanding happens during a facilitated Kaizen Event where student must demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the methods through application. NOTE !! Course does require homework.

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How are you developing your Altitude?


You have the product, technology and hired team members for cultural fit.  It is now time to elevate potential with a focus on enhancing …


Attitude … the manner in which you approach opportunity.
Aptitude … your ability and skill to handle opportunities.

When real change is needed — you need skills, and lots of them ! Lean Leadership Training combines tools and methodologies in the arenas of Attitude and Aptitude to allow your leaders to deliver break-through results.

Lean Leadership Training is a multi-day program designed to give high-potential leaders the opportunity to learn, discuss and apply foundational concepts through practical and experiential learning, individualized assessments, projects between sessions, resources to enhance learning and access to accomplished senior leaders. Each session is focused on a different theme.

During the course we work on the Personal Development of your Leaders and Change Agents with a focus on the introduction and adoption of methodologies to mold culture and increase employee engagement.

Co-Mingled in the course we introduce or enhance the use and application of methodologies that can provide Process Excellence and compliance with a focus on: see tabs

Whether you work in manufacturing or are seeking a leaner process for your work in an office, hospital or service industry setting, by developing your lean expertise you will reduce your risk of failure, drive meaningful cultural change and establish best practices that will make a long-term impact.   The Lean Leadership Program will enable you to successfully lead processes that reduce waste, improve efficiency and enhance customer satisfaction.

Lean Leadership  Program combines highly-specialized classroom experience and work-related homework to move beyond the basic principles.  This program is built around applied learning to truly help you master skills as it relates to real world situations and problems.  Through this hands-on learning model, you gain an in-depth understanding of the Lean approach and tools you can actually, on a real world, work related project.

The Lean Leadership Program provides you with the deeper understanding, best practices along with the experience and credibility you need to implement Lean throughout your organization.   With Lean Leadership Academy Program under your belt, you will be able to better establish a culture that embraces Lean principles throughout your group, team or organization.


  • Starts October 22, 2013 in the Detroit Area
  • Starts October 24, 2013 in Southern Ontario
  • Course Duration will be 5 months — 1 day per month
  • Cass size will be limited to 18 students.

Why are we changing?

  • Setting Direction Strategically
  • What are Businesses pursuing?
  • History of Lean
  • Successful Lean Models
  • Potential Failure Points of Change
  • Principals of Lean
  • Success Factors for leading Change

Enhancing the Skill Methodology Toolbox

  • Waste Definitions | Classifications
  • Fundamental Concepts for KANBAN & Pull Systems
  • SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Dies for set-up reduction)
  • TPM (Total Productive Management)
  • Leader Standard Work
  • Time Studies and creating Work Balance Charts
  • Cells, Single-Piece-Flow
  • ChakuChaku
  • Jidoka
  • Daily Report-Outs (enhanced communication methodology)
  • A3 Methodology
  • Questioning and Listening Skills
  • Fun with Quality ( 7 critical Quality Tools as defined by ASQC)

Management and Prioritization of change

  • Enterprise Value Stream Mapping
  • Morning Market
  • Policy Deployment
  • STEP Diagnostic

This course is available is several modes:

For Consortium members as a benefit

To Individuals (open enrollment programs)

Custom Tailored for specific Organizations ( content and speak bridged to your company for increased understanding)


For pricing on customized product, please Contact US or phone 519 651 2341

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