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VISUAL AIDS | Dry Erase Marker Holder

Stop loosing your markers for the lack of identification. Place this holder directly on your magnetic board and problem solved.




The magnetic dry erase marker set holder is designed to match the colour code of your markers.


- Single sided marker and eraser set decal laminated [for longer UV protection]

- Pre-painted Steel Substrate

- Magnets

Dimensions: 6″ x 9″

Submit your company logo for a personalized custom look.   We also have the capability to print in metallic colors.

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      Protect your boards with this premium magnetic markers. There is a vast array of markers in the market to purchase ... but using the wrong marker will damage your white board. Blue markers are traditionally the worst culprits of destruction. An extra trick to revive your white board is to clean it occasionally using hand sanitizer .. it will bring a good white board back to new condition. INCLUDES: - Four Magnetic dry erase markers - One magnetic eraser.