Maximize your Profit by Optimizing your Processes using Kunst Solutions.

Kunst Solutions Corp Flyer 09 12 2013 196x300 SolutionsWe will assist you in the development of your holistic organizational operating system, defining how your people, processes and practices combine to continuously reduce waste and achieve customer, employee and shareholder goals. It will drive systematic problem-solving and standardization of solutions.

Flexible and Effective

Our Solutions model is interactive and holistic. Adaptable to any organization, at any level of the enterprise, we provide you the knowledge and tools to meet your organizational goals.

The solutions that we provide encompass management techniques and strategies that allow business enterprise excellence to emerge, by providing organizations the space to self-organize, evolve and adapt to demonstrated ways to increase profitability, embracing Agile, Evolutionary and Lean approaches.


Agile means being able to quickly change direction. The application of our Solutions delivers an ability to change direction quickly. New and unexpected adaptability is required to cope with a sudden change in the business landscape and we are here to help you acquire such adaptability.

Our Agile Enterprise Development Module refers to Solutions in the area of integration methodologies that promotes development iterations, open collaboration, and process adaptability to minimize risks and waste throughout the life-cycle of a business opportunity.

Each one of the solutions that we offer passes through a full development cycle, including planning, requirements analysis [which encompasses those tasks that go into determining the needs or conditions to meet for each client, taking into account the possibly conflicting requirements of the various stakeholders], design, development, then evaluating each solution until tests pass and a working solution is finally demonstrated.

Our Solutions are constantly re-evaluated to reflect the priorities of our clients with a view to optimizing the return on investment.

Our Agile Solutions emphasize communication; as a result, agile teams are involved throughout the design, development and implementation of improvements and new tools [often using the management methodology of Scrum].

Part of the Scrum methodology that we apply in our business is routine and formal communication with our clients. Periodic scrums with our clients allows senior management to get their team members to report to each other what they did the previous week, what they intend to do next week, and what their roadblocks are. This formalized communication prevents problems being hidden, and establishes synchronized priorities to ensure sustainable improvement.

Some of the principles behind the Agile Solutions that we provide are:

  • Increase return on investment by making continuous flow of value our focus.
  • Deliver reliable results by engaging our clients in frequent interactions and shared ownership.
  • Expect uncertainty and manage for it through iterations, anticipation and adaptation.
  • Unleash creativity and innovation by recognizing that individuals are the ultimate source of value, and creating an environment where they can make a difference.
  • Boost performance through group accountability for results and shared responsibility for team effectiveness.
  • Improve effectiveness and reliability through situational specific strategies, processes and practices.
  • Customer satisfaction by rapid, continuous delivery of useful solutions
  • Proven solutions are delivered frequently
  • Improved and profitable driven solutions are the principal measure of progress
  • Even late changes in requirements are welcomed
  • Close, frequent cooperation between us and our clients
  • Face-to-face conversation is the best form of communication [Co-location], hands on implantation working with local teams.
  • Solution implementation is built around motivated individuals, who should be trusted
  • Continuous attention to excellence and organizational commitment
  • Simplicity
  • Self-organizing teams
  • Regular adaptation to changing circumstances


Our Solutions are designed to enable organizations the delivery of results in early, high-profit, frequent, useful increments, getting control of improvements through feedback and adjustment to reality, rather than by guessing at unknowable factors in advance by taking active steps of result delivery.

We have developed methods and techniques, which do enable organizations and their leadership to successfully improve performance within the constrains of cost, schedule, functionally and quality. These methods have been taught and coached with remarkable results.

We help you to address issues like:

  • Solving the requirement paradox
  • Rapid feedback of estimation and results impact
  • Most important issues first
  • High risk first
  • Synchronizing with other business initiatives


Working with our clients to pursue the optimal way of producing goods and providing services through the removal of waste and implementing flow through a “process/system management philosophy”, where focus is upon continuous improvement.

The key success factor to our solutions is that we help organizations to meet their goals while working with them to develop a prime system-wide approach to achieve them.

The smooth flowing delivery of value achieves organizational improvements as a side-effect. Our Lean implementation model is therefore focused on getting the right things, to the right place, at the right time, in the right quantity to achieve perfect work flow while minimizing waste and being flexible and agile to change. We ensure that the concepts that we transfer are understood, appreciated, and embraced by the actual employees who form the organization and therefore own the processes that deliver the value.

The cultural and managerial aspects of our Lean Model are just as important as, and possibly more important than, the actual tools or methodologies, so our Integrated Solutions approach is both people and systems centric.

KUNST Solutions and products aim to make the work simple enough to understand, implement, to do, and to manage. To achieve these attributes at once we have develop a mentoring process that fosters Lean Thinking up and down the organizational structure and across the supply chain.



Maximize your Profit by Optimizing your Processes using Kunst Solutions.

Our skill and experience enables you to Strategically Capture, Verify and Validate the Voice of the Customer (VOC) into your Value Creation Process that the Customer is willing to pay for.

Profit is substantiated by Visual Management Methods and Key Performance Indicators which become a baseline for Continuous Improvement.

  • Inspired and Engaged People – Cultural
  • Robust Processes – Physical
  • Lean Operations – Procedural



What Value do we deliver to the customer?

  • Immediate and sustainable improvement to Profit and cash flow.
  • Practical operational Experience and Knowledge
  • Diversity of understanding of many industry sectors
  • Working knowledge of many diverse methodologies
  • Correct pairing and sequence of methodologies to deliver Fast results
  • Blended Academic and Practical immediate applicable solutions.
  • A Supporting cast through the engagement of the Solutions Store.


Which customer problems are we helping to solve?

  • Flawless introduction of new products and/or services
  • Better Labour utilization
  • Improve space utilization
  • Deliver Tangible Results after failed Veneer applications
  • Avoid CAPEX
  • Provide Advanced Applied Knowledge and Accreditation.


What bundles of products or services are we offering?

  • Visual Management
  • Proven Methodologies
  • Hardened Tools and Templates
  • Strategic and Tactile framework facilitation and implementation of tools and methods
  • Knowledge Bank to build Bridges of Understanding between academic and practical applications


Which Customer needs are we Satisfying?

  • Increase Profitability
  • Reduce Operating Cost
  • Decrease Order Cycle Time
  • Meet increased demand
  • Become Flexible, Predictability and Agile
  • Compliance
  • Awareness and exposure to alternate proven Solutions
  • Provide Advanced Applied Knowledge and Accreditation.

How does our process work?

As an example

Will start by capturing the Voice of your Customer (VOC) through creating a series of CT Trees (Critical to …. Safety, Cost, Delivery, Quality and other functional and quantifiable criteria). From here we then migrate to an Enterprise Value Stream Mapping workshop to document the entire process flow that incorporates all the physical, communication and information transformations occurring within the Value Stream.

Then optimize the process with the injection of proven methodologies and how to quantify and measure success to create the “Voice of the Process”.


How do we differentiate?

Within our toolbox we have the capability to provide hard/physical solutions which are created and available through our Solutions Store aiming to ease the transformational implementation while removing buyer’s stress.

Results delivered are measurable with high positive cultural and revenue impacts.