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Just like building a house, you can use us as your general contractor converting your vision to reality, as a sub-contractor with specific deliverable specialities or just aquiring robust and proven supplies.

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Defining, Designing and Testing potential solutions will consume considerable amount of time and energy that could have been applied towards implementation.  Our proven solutions give you a jump-start on your journey sooner and since they have been proven there is minimal chance of failure or re-design.


Available Solutions


Decentralize command and control while improving  individual and team accountability by creating synergy within operations.  Typically the introduction of this tool reduces Disturbances to Flow of not meeting numbers and dates by 50%.


Using our complete suite of tools will align and balance your resources while providing you with implementation updates and which strategies are delivering effective results. Our suite comes complete with our proprietary STEP Diagnostic, X-matrix to align projects, resources to key initiatives, Paytner Charting, the tool to provide quick project performance feed-back and A3 methodology as a reporting mechanism on project status and next steps.


Even high performance organizations deal with an average of 4% casual absenteeism issue.  Using this powerful tool, we have seen casual absenteeism reduce by 50% while creating a more pronounced adult-to adult environment within the enterprise.


Our robust solution is quick to implement with significant results.  It has proven to enable organizations to reduce unscheduled downtime by greater than 30% within weeks.  It is also a great assist tool for improving your workplace organization and Safety.


You load the data … we do the rest.  Our powerful tool will calculate the amount of triggers you need, how to size both your Supermarket(s) and Point Of Use locations in both cubic and square feet.  We calculate your maximum inventory and your replenishment trigger point. We even calculate your safety stock based on expedited replenishment criteria.  Our solution also includes a tool that enables your automatically generate your Kanban cards, boards etc.  This tool typically reduces your inventory investment by 50% enabling you to invest your cash in other business growth opportunities.  This tool is equally effective from managing office supplies to customer demand.

As you become an advanced practitioner our Kanban tool can be evolved to allow you to design and implement engineered and timed material conveyance routes both internally within your enterprise but also with your Suppliers and Customers.


Our task builder and calculator takes tasks and allow the organization to create a cadence and synergy of tasks being performed within your value streams.  Results from using this tool have seen up to an 80% reduction in Process Lead time in administrative and support functions.  This tool used in conjunction with Enterprise Value Stream Mapping is a solid cash generator.


Or capturing current best practices, our solution allows anyone within the organization who has minimal computer expertise to convert tribal knowledge into a documented format quickly.  This tool help define ownership, responsibility and accountability while focusing on constantly finding a simpler, safer, better methodology.


New Product is the life blood of a growing organization.  Proper introduction of new products on time requires dedication and commitment from all facets within the enterprise.  Our proven tool based on APQP methodology provides the enterprise with structured approach that will insure your new product is introduced on-time, within budget and can be delivered within the specified cost target.


This comprehensive solutions module takes you through all stages of supplier identification, integration and continuous development.  Our solution toolbox includes a pre-assessment tool to determine just how effective the supply partner will be.  As you integrate the supplier our solution provides tools to enhance credibility between the parties through a certification program.  All of these tools operate under an umbrella called TCOP or Total Cost of Procurement.  We have seen relationship costs of managing suppliers reduce by 30-85% and in many cases significant product cost reductions in excess of 7%.  Included with this solution is a tool that will enable to truly partner with your supplier to synchronize your respective product realization programs that enable you to bring new technology to market faster than your competition.


Want ideas for improvement … all you need to do is ask.  We do not believe in compensating employees for providing suggestions but feel that as part of a world-class organization it is the fundamental responsibility of each and every employee to contribute in an ongoing manner with ideas to improve the organization.  This solutions module includes a method of collecting ideas, allocating supporting resources and a tracking system.  We also have created an employee handbook and letter of introduction to the organization.  This module can manage complex ideas and also allows for supports quick and easy idea generation and implementation.


As seasoned practitioners we have probably tried every product when it comes to implementing Enterprise Excellence.  We have felt the pain after investing a significant “Gift of Time” along with the product cost, so today we can offer the right materials for most applications, enhance professional approach and appearance.  We may not have a solution for every application … but we only suggest products that are substantially better than the rest and not easily found.

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