Focusing on People, Process and Operations.

Consortium Logo 300x166 StrategicWe will assist you to develop your holistic organizational operating system that defines how your people, processes and practices combine to continuously reduce waste and achieve customer, employee and shareholder goals. It will drive systematic problem-solving and standardization of solutions.


Our Strategic Solutions help you to convert Corporate Desires into granular tactile tasks of improvement, enabling a clear start with the end in mind, keeping consistency of purpose and eliminating the “flavour of the month” syndrome.

Our strategies focus on three key areas: People, Process and Operations.

Inspired People [Cultural]

The focus on inspired people deals with the socio-technical structure that creates your organization’s culture. The objective is to create an adult-to-adult relationship with your employees focusing on continuous improvement. This means that your employees feel comfortable and empowered by having been provided the tools to make effective decisions in their work areas. In an adult-to-adult environment everyone is involved and engaged. The need to seek approval or wait for direction is minimized.

Empowerment cannot be assigned but must evolve over time. As the organization embraces increased responsibility through empowered decision making, greater responsibility can be granted to lower levels of the organization.

Robust Processes [Physical]

The focus on robust processes encompasses the physical aspects of a process that insure consistent and predictable outputs. Beginning early in the product realization phase, processes are designed and evaluated for manufacturability and the capability to achieve specified tolerances.

Lean Operations [Procedural]

Lean operations are created by the procedural infrastructure of your business. The reflection of the operating system will be seen throughout the organization as you implement standardized methods. To insure optimum value-add in every process employees are educated so they can identify and eliminate wastes found in any process.