We provide you with the tools and coaching to build a lean infrasture and develop your internal "Champions of Business Excellence".

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As seasoned lean and six sigma practitioners, we have created a 9 step method that will enable you to develop and leverage employees while implementing the attributes of a lean enterprise. We will work closely with selected individuals and equipt them with the skills and knowledge needed to be  effective lean champions who will lead your organization to achieve stunning results.



1. Establish Vision, Mission and Road Map

Using our “step” diagnostic”, we teach you how to develop your company’s roadmap, including supporting key performance indicators (KPI’s).  It sets the targets and prioritizes which tools need to be implemented first, and addresses all the Shingo Prize criteria.

 2. Compartmentalize  The Noise

This module helps establish “report-outs” in the centre of the plant and the key metrics to be tracked by supervisors and leaders. It teaches how to enhance the visibility of managers in the shop floor, as they take action and show support for the employees. Repor-outs  increase accountability on the shop floor and build engagement of employees.

We facilitate the initial meetings to teach precision speaking and generous listening and get rid of the blame factor. We introduce the power of an escalation process to eliminate problems or disturbances to flow.

3. Establish The Anchors

We provide an engine that helps organizations develop visual work instructions and create a process check system, or total productive maintenance (TPM). This insures that changes will be sustained. We teach the champion how to develop a hands-on workshop where employees blitz the workplace to implemente a baseline of documentation.

4. Get Organized

Using our well-recognized simulation, we show the champion the power of workplace organization [5S] that goes well beyond the housekeeping mentality. We introduce them to simple pull systems that enhance the power of 5S and improve throughput and safety.

In this module we also develop the process of making the enterprise self regulating, self managing and self sustaining, when the normal state and the abnormal state can be clearly and visually defined. Simple visual tools are used to identify the target state using the “15 second from 50 foot” rule.

5. Create Flow

This module leads to further implementation of pull systems, and introduces cellular work processes in both the manufacturing  and administrative environments. In this module, we also introduce the champion to engineered material handling and ”plan for every part (PFEP) that allows the organization to establish “bus routes” and eliminates “cabs” for inventory replenishment.

6. Create Synergy and Focus

Beyond traditional manufacturing value stream mapping (VSM), we look at the complete enterprise and the infraestructure that allows the use of VSM in administrative processes.  This also opens the door to introduce lean to service sector companies like banks and insurance.

7. Measure Progres

We work with the champion to adopt the power of overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and the balanced scorecard. We help the champion develop the “critical few” metrics that mean something to the eyes of the employees but also impact strategic goals of the business.  We can work with the companies adopt hoisen kanri, also known as policy deployment, that starts at the top of the organization and steps down, with meaningful metrics, to every employee.

8. Sustain

We share many different types of audits, including established templates.  We can revisit companies on a regular basis and conduct physical audits to insure that things implemented are sustained. There are not like ISO audits. We act as “outside eyes,” enabling people to see what they have become numb to, and to measure the progress of their lean champion.

9. Other Fundational Elements

Formal problem solving, New product introduction, Leadership, Communication, Standardized work training.