There is "Training" and "Applied Learning"...

There is “Training” and then there is “Applied Learning”

… We believe in the later. The sessions are not designed for general information, but rather will provide attendees with proven tools that you can immediately apply back at your facility.  We have taken the “Best of the Best” lessons learned and applied the training through inter-active based learning.

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The Sessions are delivered the second week of every month based on demand.  While registering please indicate in preference (1,2,3) which month fits your schedule to receive the training.  According to your response, we will supply you with a specific date and location subject to your confirmation.


Since these sessions are very intense, we are intentionally keeping the group small. We need to be able to provide you the maximum time of exposure.

We don’t know your competitor but you do … different with this course is that as a potential attendee, we will inform you in advance what other companies will be attending the training session … if you see a competitor or potential competitor the first registered company will be the only company allowed to attend or participate in this particular session.


The training sessions can be hosted in house at your location or within an accessable public location typically they are hosted in Southern Ontario, with easy access from either the Toronto, Ontario or Buffalo, New York Airports.

Your registration might include  delightful breakfast, lunch, dinner and entertainment depending on the session selected.


Business Casual.


Please complete the form below, we will be contacting you within 24 hours to confirm registration.