Lean Consortium

The Lean Consortium is a formal facilitated network comprised of a group of companies with a common passion for achieving business excellence.

In 1982 out of desperation to access talent and resources we started the first Consortium in North America.  The model was simple … bring a bunch of diverse companies together in a group setting where best practices could be shared and leveraged between the companies in a “no blame” and “safe harbour” environment.

Consortium Logo 300x166 Lean ConsortiumCollaborative Learning and Application

The Consortium model became an excellent forum for independent organizations to link together, with many becoming icons within their industry sectors.  The model has been replicated across Canada and in few other countries as companies now realize it is about infrastructure vs. infrastructure.

Benefits for member companies

Sustainable Continuous Improvement Results using a holistic collaborative approach

Acceleration of improvements and cash/profit results

Participation and peer networking at multiple levels in the organization

Benchmarking with member organizations

Knowledge transfers for accelerated learning, from facilitators and from peers


Just contact us to inquire if you need assistance to start a Consortium within your region or community.  Membership in a Consortium is restricted to a passionate few, and potential members are required to pass through a stringent membership evaluation.

Alternatively, we can facilitate the development of a consortium with your suppliers providing an impartial inter-face between you and your hidden factories ensuring your entire supply chain will become the most competitive of performance excellence through lead-time reduction, reduced inventory commitment, and enhanced quality and delivery performance.  An added benefit is that through supplier collaboration you can incorporate emerging technologies into your products sooner and maintaining that competitive advantage. Contact us for more information.

Hub Facilitators

Richard Kunst & Mariela Castaño

SP32 20101116 181458 Lean ConsortiumA native of Southern Ontario, Canada, Richard’s career history has encompassed many areas within manufacturing, operations, retail and supply chain, covering all the aspects from “quote to cash”.

( DID ) 519 651-2341
( Cell ) 519 841-0150
(Fax ) 519 651-2502
Skype: richard.kunst


SP32 20101116 181517 Lean ConsortiumMariela’s career history started as an Industrial Engineer in her native Colombia, where she developed skills to “work with less” in an environment of limited resources in order for companies to compete internationally by eliminating “waste” and creating new sources of revenue.

( DID ) 519 651-2341
( Cell ) 519 841-2347
(Fax ) 519 651-2502
Skype: mariela.castano