Signs & Visual Aids

We are equipped with cutting edge technology in printing and CNC machining so we can create for you infinitive number of visual aids and productivity tools
Communications & Action

The faster the velocity the more important to communicate. As folks understand what is being communicated it may be a call for action within what is in their control. We have ready to install tools and custom kits to minimize and eliminate communication gaps.
Health & Safety

Equipment and technology are important but people working in a safe and healthy work environment are your primary strategic differentiator. Here are some tools and aids to assist your Health & Safety Protocols.
Visual Workplace

Visual Factory covers a wide gambit of opportunities from Enterprise Visuals such as Department locations, Product Flow and general communication signs to point to specific opportunities to quickly advise that the process is in control. We support the 15 second from 50 foot rule that everything should be visual to anyone.
Total Productive Management

You can get complex and complicated or be simple ... In the end it is all about increasing the emotional connection between Team Members and Equipment to detect issues before they become surprises.

Make Your Plan, Work your Plan, Meet your Numbers ... Some visualization tools to assist in planning processes
Customized Solutions

Customization gives you the ability to choose the size, colour and material most suitable to your needs. All custom products are designed in collaboration with you, drafts and proofs are submitted for final approval prior to fabrication.

5S is a methodology of establishing Work Place Organization. A good 5S program works as an enabler of every other Lean Tool including "Distributed Accountability" and "Standard Work" Find here materials and tools.
Shadow Boards

Shadow Boards reflect what needs to where when it is not in use. We have pre-engineered solutions, which can also be quickly modified to suit your needs and environment